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Salmon Franks

Salmon Franks


Salmon Franks


A hot dog that's actually healthy?…I'll bite!






If you love hot dogs, you’ll love these Salmon Franks.
They taste great and are low in calories, too!


A&B Famous Gefilte Fish, Inc. was founded almost thirty years ago as a food processor and manufacturer of high-quality kosher fish products. From the very beginning we have always employed only the best-quality production techniques, and we have dedicated ourselves to maintaining individual control over all areas of food processing. These initiatives were taken to ensure that the taste and texture of our kosher fish products would always be consistent (fish products can taste and cook differently at times) and delicious.

From the day A&B was launched, we have enjoyed continued success, and our name has become synonymous with the industry’s highest standards of quality.Our new, 20,000-sq.-ft. Paterson, New Jersey plant is an FDA-approved, state-of-the-art facility , fully equipped with the latest quality control equipment, ovens, refrigeration systems, freezers and storage to accommodate our growing business.

Today, we annually produce millions of pounds of fish products, which are sold at supermarkets and specialty stores across the country and around the world. Consumers love the homemade taste and texture of A&B products, and continue to purchase and enjoy them regularly

A&B developed the Salmon Franks product line as a delicious, healthy alterna-tive to hot dogs made from the usual beef, pork and meat by products. Salmon Franks have about half the calories of regular franks and are high in omega-3 fatty acids, an essential, heart-healthy nutrient. A&B will soon also incorporate Salmon Franks into a puff pastry for at-home entertaining and catering,

A&B's manufacturing plant is one of the largest and finest among kosher food plants in the USA. We produce millions of pounds annually. Because of the scope of our production, we can ofer an FDA-approved plant, competitive pric-ing, fast, efficient service and reliable international distribution.

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